thanksgiving in florida

Friday, December 6, 2013

we got back late wednesday night from our 10 day trip to florida.
my sister and her family moved out to destin, fl because of my brother in laws dental residency with the airforce. since they moved out there, we decided why not bring the whole family over there and do something different for thanksgiving. my parents, my other sister's family, and us, made it over there to spend good quality time together and check out their new home for the next year. (although we were so sad my brother and his fam couldn't make it - we missed you guys!)
what an amazing and beautiful place that area is. i would have never known. it truly is a hidden gem and pictures don't do it justice. the water is clear and turquoise and the sand is like sugar.
piper was a dream the whole time. slept great, traveled great, and took all the attention from her cousins great. they were always wanting to hold her, read her stories, sit next to her, try to make her laugh.. and she didn't mind one bit. melted my heart.
we pretty much got to experience everything that area has to offer - including all of the weather extremities for this time of year. it was hot, humid, freezing, pouring rain, windy, perfect, and everything in between. it made for an adventurous trip, which made it exciting. 
kate and pehrson really out did themselves. she had every single day planned out on a calendar including meals and activities. she truly is the domestic goddess of our family..I'm working on becoming more like her. 
also, we had fried turkey for thanksgiving. 
a true southern way of cooking.
im not a huge fan of turkey, but this really was good. i thought it was better.
ps. remember how i got a real legit camera and said i would post better quality pictures? well yeah, i still haven't gotten around to learning how to use the dang thing so once again, my iphone saves the day when capturing these life moments. thanks iphone.
here are some pictured highlights:
the pilot let pipe's sit in his seat when we were getting off the plane. the whole flight crew got a real kick out of it. 
 florida's idea of a white winterland
beck was piper's biggest fan
the adorable little beach town Rosemary

family bike ride through watercolor. (where the truman show was filmed) it was the cutest place ever

thanksgiving day
spent a day boating through the bayous and bays of the gulf. saw some dolphins..we were hoping to see some crocs.

 biking to Jolee's island

 we saw some unreal sunsets

 dipping her toes in the water.
 & she met santa for the first time! didn't even phase her.

i miss this fun trip already and feel so lucky to have such an awesome family who i love and look forward to spending time with. they are the best!
thanks again hawkleys.

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  1. ANNIE!!! how am I just seeing this post? Beautiful pictures. Beautiful words. And what a Beautiful family you have. You guys are always welcome! Seriously. We were so sad when you left. (especially Beck!) ....where's Piper? Love you guys. Sorry I'm not seeing this till now. Loved it all!


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