3 months

Sunday, January 5, 2014

my sweetest little one is 3 months today.
already!? what the heck. time needs to slow down.
she is growing and getting bigger every single day and i can't handle it,
but i do love the rolls that are forming and those cottage cheesy thighs and buns..so yummy.
at 3 months, this girl has celebrated her first Christmas and New Years. she is my favorite running buddy. sleeps the whole time, making it so easy to take her along with me. she loves walks too..and being in her stroller. falls asleep everytime we are in the car. when she is not sleeping in the car, she loves to look out the window. smiles a lot and is starting to give us little giggles. loves her binkie. sleeping through the night. great eater. likes to be facing outward so she can see what's going on. loves watching tv. loves to be sung to. loves showers. is getting so strong. sucks on her fists and is starting to find her fingers. grabs anything that is near her...blankie, my hair, my shirt, etc. (and has a mighty strong grip). was sick for her first time for about 2 weeks...congested and wheezing. the saddest thing. played baby Jesus in the live nativity at my church. and is stealing our hearts every day.

gosh we love this girl more than words and i am LOVING this stage. my favorite so far. 


  1. just keeps getting better. love her!

  2. I just want to squeeze her!! She is so cute.


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