Piper's FIRST Christmas

Monday, January 6, 2014

this year, my sweet Pipey's celebrated her very first Christmas!
although she is not yet old enough to appreciate or really have any idea of what is going on around her, i still wanted to make it a special one for her.
this year Christmas came SO fast. i found myself sewing her stocking on Christmas eve morning
and scrambling to get her a few little things. 
we had so much fun though. we spent this year with jason's family for Christmas eve and morning, and then headed over to hang out with my family in the afternoon. that's how we make it work with our families living so close. we literally have to split every holiday and are always driving back & forth, but i can't complain. it's such a blessing to have both our families so close.
jason and i really wanted to focus on the spirit of the season, so we did little things leading up to Christmas to get us in the spirit. i love Christmas, but jason..he's kind of obsessed. he's the type that could listen to Christmas music all year long. i love that about him. he gets so excited and wants to do all the fun Christmas-y things with me. here are some photos..quality camera mixed with iphone pictures.
Christmas Sunday

 Christmas morning


 my peppermint candy cane party shoes
 newport boat parade

 cousin sadie lovin on p

Here is a (rough) video of our day. I wish i would've gotten more footage from Christmas eve and more, but it was a last minute thought. enjoy!

Piper's First Christmas from Annie Kimball on Vimeo.

I cannot let this season pass without expressing my love for my Savior and for all that he has done for me. I am so grateful that our Father in heaven sent him to Earth all those years ago to be born in Bethlehem. i don't think ill ever be able to comprehend all that Christ has done for me and the sacrifices He made, but i am eternally grateful and know that i can be made clean because of his atoning sacrifice. i hope that everyone was able spend some time reflecting on the true meaning of the season this year, and throughout this whole new year.
 love to all! xox

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