eight months

Sunday, June 8, 2014

My sweetest pipesicle (one of her MANY nicknames) turned 8 months on the 5th.
8 months! 
Every month keeps going by faster and faster. 
Before I know it, it's going to be October and my girl is going to be ONE. 
{insert emoji with tears streaming down its face}
she is seriously so much fun. 
Here are some highlights of what she is up to at this age:
no teeth yet
can’t crawl but is very curious and wants to do it so badly. It’ll happen soon im sure…although its actually really nice that she isn’t yet J
rolls and scoots around like its her job
loves to eat and is eating more table food here and there
loves any kind of sports event/party. I think she likes to watch all the commotion and the loud noises
smiles all the time and laughs at anything and everything. Sometimes she’ll just be sitting in her carseat just cracking up by herself. Or if we’re laughing, she start cracking up. Its one of my absolute favorite things.
She LOVES ice like nothing else. And loves anything cold.
Started drinking water from a sippy cup
Loves to grab out faces and pull it in for a big fat opened mouth kiss
Not scared of the vacuum anymore, but watches it like a hawk when it’s on
Wants to eat whatever you’re eating.
Wants to do whatever you’re doing.
Obsessed with cell phones.
Likes to play with her toys and can do it for hours.
Gets reallllly excited and starts jumping/flailing her arms.
Loves to stare at other kids..especially older ones
Loves the beach..sand/seaweed
Getting better with touching the ocean water..doesn’t cry as much
Still takes 3 naps a day.
Still loves her jumper although she is growing out of it {insert crying emoji again}
Wearing size 6-9mos clothes..right one track.
Loves her blankie and her lion named Lionel.
Newest thing that she does: she puckers her lips when she doesn’t want to eat. It’s hilarious.
And is really just the sweetest girl around.

We love her more than ANYTHING. 

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