4 years

Monday, June 30, 2014

(we have always struggled with underwater pictures, yet we still love to take them ha!)

we celebrated 4 years of marriage last week. 
and i am still questioning how i lucked out with such a husband.
he's the greatest of all and the best one for me.
we decided to celebrate with a day long adventure.
just the two of us.
jason took work off on friday (never happens) so we could celebrate.
we went to 3 new beaches that we have never been to before together.
we spent the day exploring, adventuring, relaxing, and enjoying.
then we went to a nice dinner AND got massages.
it was the best.
i love being with jason. and it made it extra special that it was just the two of us.
we missed pipeys and talked about her a lot, but it made us appreciate our alone time so much more.

happy 4 years, my love. 


  1. Adorable pics, adorable couple! Happy 4years!! Isn't marriage the best?!!

  2. Everyday we are so thankful that Jason found YOU! We love you both!


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