nine months

Monday, July 7, 2014

NINE MONTHS already!
i looove this age. my favorite so far.
piper is such a mover and so active. she loves to play with her toys and scoot and roll around.
in fact! she took her first crawling "steps" yesterday!! 
she hasn't completely committed to crawling on all fours just yet, but she can do it!
she'll do it for a little bit and then end up back on her stomach and army crawl to where she wants to go.
she is still a great eater..although she has a new trick where she spitting her food out.
it's really cool...NOT. 
she say "mama" all day long, but I'm not sure she has made the connection that I am mama.
but she loves to give big open mouth slobbery kisses that are my favorite.
she is pretty jumpy, meaning she gets scared by things easily (just like me)
if she sitting by the window and a car drives by or if she hears a loud noise, she totally jumps and starts kicking her feet.
sometimes it scares her so much she cries for a second. haha 
she is down to 2 naps a day.
she started "dancing" she does a little head bob and shakes from side to side.
it's the best.
she loves peekaboo.
she looooves to laugh really hard.
she loves seaweed and will find it at the beach and just play with it forever.
she gets really excited over things pretty easily.
she loves to walk while we hold her hands.
she is starting to looove the ocean water. it used to scare her, but now she charges it.
we took her in with us on the 4th. well not ALL the way in, but about waist deep.
she celebrated her first fourth of july!! and loved watching the fireworks.
halfway through them, she completely passed out. (the day long partying wore her out)
she's getting a tan line from her bathing suit and it KILLS me.
she's aggressive. grabs and pulls everything in sight. (including other babies)
is eating more than just baby food...graham crackers, blueberries, watermelon..

the love that we have for this sweet little girl is indescribable. 

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