the fourth

Monday, July 14, 2014

Piper celebrated her first fourth of July!
Being one of my favorite holidays, I was so excited to experience this day with my girl.
We went to Emerald Bay to hang out with the Kimball clan, and my family came too!
It was so great.
And the weather and water were so perfect.
Piper partied all day and passed out during the fireworks.
I was anxious to see how she'd react to the fireworks, but she didn't mind them one bit.
She just sat back and watched them..they even put her to sleep!
I came home with my skin a little darker, my hair a little salty, and my feet a little sandy.
Is there anything better?
Not really.

Here's a little video from our day.
(sadly, our go pro died at like 2pm, so the only footage we got was from the water)

GO PRO 4th of JULY from Annie Kimball on Vimeo.

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