10 months!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

the boobooz is 10 months! 
(on the 5th)
she is so busy..always on the move and always getting into something.
she talks all the time and loves to use that pointer finger of hers.
she loves to eat whatever we are eating and she is actually really good at chewing..even though she doesn't have many teeth.
speaking of teeth, her first 2 bottom teeth finally made an appearance!
she's seemed fine with them..hasn't been too cranky.
went on her second big trip on a plane..we flew up to spokane, washington to visit with my grandparents.
it was so much fun and she did so great.
she has mastered crawling up the stairs and can do it so fast.
she is a crawling machine.
can understand a few things we say like: "no", "come here", "hi & bye", and loves to imitate us.
she started waving and it's my new favorite thing.
loves the beach.
pulls herself up on everything and can walk while holding whatever she's holding onto.
takes 2 naps a day.
because she's so mobile, she seems to be bonking her head, running into things, falling down, etc. more often than not. but she rarely cries about it. she just gets up and keeps on moving.
loves to do whatever we are doing.
loves listening to me when i'm talking to someone on speakerphone.
has become so cuddly.
still loves to give big kisses.
laughs all the time..a few sundays ago i had to take her out of sacrament meeting because she was laughing too much/too loud. haha it was funny.

these pictures are getting harder and harder to take because she won't sit still.
you should see/hear the things I'm doing behind the camera to get her to sit there and smile.
lets just say i was sweating by the end of this little photo shoot. haha

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