Wednesday, August 13, 2014

last week, piper and i went up to washington to visit my grandparents.
we only went for four days, but it was so fun to be up there.
growing up, we spent time up there every summer and i have so many memories of that beautiful place.
it was also so fun for my grandparents to meet one of their great granddaughters. that reunion was so sweet to see.
while we were there we went on walks, went running, went to riverfront park, watched an imax movie (piper watched the whole thing), went to lunch, had dinner outside in the backyard every night, played games (booray- a new favorite), went to the river, paddle boarded, visited with cousins, and enjoyed the summer days up there in the green trees.
we missed our daddy, but overall, it was a wonderful little trip:)

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  1. gotta love drooling babies. TOO CUTE! what a fun trip :)


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