Wednesday, October 7, 2015

On Monday, our favorite little one turned TWO!
She is so fun and so crazy at this age.

for her birthday we had a little family party on sunday night with just some cake & ice cream. on her actual birthday we woke her up with balloons that we threw in her bed and sang happy birthday to her. (she was TERRIFIED) side story: she is afraid of balloons. this is a new thing. last week we had two balloons at our house left over from a baby shower and they had deflated so much that they were basically just laying on the floor. all our windows were open so the breeze was blowing through and it made the balloons move all around the house on their own - piper thought they were alive and she freaked. i thought she was over it but when we threw the balloons in her bed on her birthday we was hysterical. #parentfail
the day of her bday we planned a little party with some friends but it was raining so we postponed it until the next day. so instead we just went and got donuts and then after her nap daddy met us at disneyland and she was in heaven! she loves going but it's always me taking her. having daddy there was a whole new world. it was the best.
then we had a little party at the park with her the next day combined with her friend Henley who's birthday is the day before.
success all around! (minus the balloon fiasco)

things she loves: disneyland, beach, yogurt, doggies from afar, tangled/frozen, chocolate, playing with friends, jumping in the pool, counting to 12 (with a little help), saying ABC's (with a little help), dancing, playing with her toys, copying everything mommy does, when daddy comes home, doing lion cubs with mommy, discovering new things, walks in the stroller, bike rides, swings, shopping, brushing my hair and more..but those are what come to mind right now.
Phrases she's into saying:
"mommy, I nice"
"No No mommy"
"that's cuuute"
"lets go"

(and she copies back anything we say)

currently in joy school and gymnastics. loves both.

honestly, she is so fun right now. she is like a real person. no more little baby.
she knows what things are and we can have a conversation.
she is my best little buddy. she loves walking next to me and does a really good job at just staying by me when we're out and about. (she loves to go shopping with me and walks and shops next to me like she's 13.."mommy thats cute")
she is a screamer whether she's happy, excited, or mad. either way, she HAS to scream about it.
she recently started to get really nervous and overwhelmed when the attention is on her or when there's a lot of people around that try to talk to her (exactly how i was when i was little)
although, if she's in a good mood, then she'll say hi and bye to every single person that walks by.
she loves to do different expressions and faces like her cool face, excited face, happy face, etc.
she tries to make us laugh ALL the time. it's so funny.
we love everything about her, the crazy and the sweet. 
happy 2nd birthday my pipeys!

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