San Francisco Babymoon

Monday, March 28, 2016

So, the moment we found out we were pregnant I was already thinking about where we can take a trip. We (i mostly) have been dying to go to Cabo...quick flight, warm water, yummy food.
Then the whole Zika Virus happened and my doctor said absolutely not.
So then we thought about Hawaii..but we would bring Piper.
With all costs and expenses it was just too much $$.
So we settled on a 3 day getaway to San Francisco and it was JUST what we needed.
Short flight from John Wayne - only 50 minutes!
The food we had was UNREAL. every single thing we had was a 10. 
we were not let down one single time. (and we might have had ice cream 3 times in one day...)
It was a pretty rainy weekend there, but we didn't want the rain to stop us.
One of my favorite memories of the whole trip was when we biked across the Golden Gate bridge in the pouring rain. We were just about the only people biking it. We had hats, helmets, and huge ponchos on. we were soaked and muddy but we honestly laughed the entire time.
We stopped to try to take pictures which was close to useless (and they were reallllly cute of us ;) )
but it was such an adventure and such a good time. it took us about 2.5 hours since we started close to the piers, rode along Embarcadero, crossed the bridge, then rode to Sausalito.
From there we took a ferry back to city. SO FUN.
We also splurged at the Nob Hill Spa. We went there a couple hours before our massages so we could enjoy the amenities, and then got our couples massage. Which honestly might've been the best I've ever had. We sight-seed, explored, ate, walked everywhere, took the trolley, relaxed at our hotel (stayed at the Ritz - thank you Stephanie Hennings), and ate some more.
I made a little video of our trip but Vimeo took it down since the song wasn't licensed, so once I decide on a new one I'll upload the video. But for now, here are some pictures...

I LOVE my alone time with my man!
and I feel like the secret to a happy and successful relationship is to make time for yourselves..little getaways, date nights, quality time when the kids are asleep. 
For us at least, that is a key ingredient to our relationship..and I LIVE for it! 

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