Shout Out to My DAD..

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thank You Dad For:
-Teaching me how to ride my bike
-teaching me how to swim
-planning/taking our family on vacations
-coaching my soccer teams
-taking me to the pool (CG)
-letting me sit on your lap and steer the wheel while you drive
-helping with all my spanish assignments
-baptizing me
-waking all of us kids up at the crack of dawn in the summer to take us to the high school track to time us while we run, and then swim laps at the lake after
-giving me blessings
-help coach my baseball team in 4th grade
-coming to all my open houses
-being my fellow caboose :)
-having foosball tournaments for FHE
-financial issues (that happens too often) :(
-teaching me new things
-going in the "cuzzi" with me
-giving me piggyback rides down the stairs when it was dinner time.

love you. Thanks for all you do and for being the amazing man that you are.

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