Happy Day!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

i love this lady.
isn't she a fox? i know.
today is her BIRTHDAY!
few things i love about my mom:
-she is the coolest, and at times still is a fun 21 year old. and I LOVE IT!
-i get all my dance moves from her..she can really get down.
(we have a few moves in our family that we always do.."the cindy" our friends even do it)
-she has a billion friends and everyone LOVES her.
(my friends wouldn't come over to see me, they came to hang out with my mom)
-she is so thoughtful and the most unselfish person i know, she ALWAYS puts others first.
-she is such a hard worker.
-she has so many talents, i don't even know where to begin.
-she still has girls nights & her perfect day is at the beach with a book. my kind of person.
-she is my best friend and i've always told her EVERYTHING..too much maybe ;)
-i am who i am because of her
you just keep getting younger.

hope i can be as amazing as you one day


  1. I love your momma!! happy birthday to Cindy! Miss you girly, please come to pootah

  2. great post annie...love you mom! she really is the best! =]

  3. Wow...can I ask for anything sweeter? I love you too! Your sweet words are so endearing...It truly makes me cry. Thanks for all the above and for even being the kind of daughter who recognized the things mothers try to do. And you will be an amazing mom someday...I KNOW IT!


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