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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween 2014 has commenced and I am kinda sad about it!
We had so much fun dressing Piper up and taking her trick or treating.
She wasn't the biggest fan of dressing up and for some reason her dress terrified her (as well as the wings) which I'm still confused about the dress? but once she saw other people dressed up, she got distracted and forgot about it. until we took some pictures.
Obviously she's still too young to really understand what the heck is going on, but we would walk up to every house holding her hand and she would pick out a piece of candy and put it in her bucket. 
i was kind of impressed with this. 

all of her cousins decided to be the neverland crew and it was probably my favorite thing of the whole day..seeing them all dressed up together. We had captain hook, mr. smee, the crocodile, peter pan, 2 tinker bells, and tiger lily. 

 jason and i dressed up as skeletons for a halloween party^^

until next year...

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