Piper's Pipesicle Party

Sunday, November 2, 2014

October 5th, my little girlfriend turned ONE!
if you know me, you know i LOVE birthdays...so naturally i had to throw our little one year old a celebration.
We had a birthday party for her on Saturday the 4th with all her friends...but let's be honest, the real party is for the mom ;)
One of our nicknames for her is pipesicle, and it has been since the beginning, so we thought why not throw a little popsicle party themed party for her big day!
side note: why do we (I) throw such big parties for one year olds? I have no idea. it was too much work and i was way too stressed out, but when it was all said and done, i loved it all so much.
buuuut my second kid might not get the same kind of party..just sayin. ;)

ALSO..just to give you an idea..it was about 98 degrees. popsicles for the win!

took some polaroids at the party as party favors^^

the following day was her actual birthday so we woke her up with balloons and some yummy pancakes! she loved it...i think.

love my little pipey's so much.

ps. shout out to my SIL for taking pics at the party! xox

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