October (iphone) Snapshots

Sunday, November 2, 2014

 the only way she'll shop
 october beach days = the best

 san clemente fall carnival
 tanaka farms pumpkin patch

 accidental cuzzie twinning at church
 family dressing room selfies..sometimes the only way to calm her down is to take a selfie :D
 her favorite thing to do while eating is looking out the window at dogs, birds and people.
and those morning eyes get me every. single. time.

 pumpkin city with cousins
 skate park 
 morning routine: wake up, bottle in mama and dada's bed, & snuggle
 again with the selfies to make her stop crying...just notice how she's sad in the first ones..and then turns so happy and smiley..this generation, already into the selfies i tell ya
 disneyland date night
 just looking so big
 THIS is what you see when facing forward! I'm shocked! - piper's thoughts
 our favorite beach has a tunnel and she thinks it's pretty cool.
 skelly jammie party with friends on hallow's eve
 slide obsession
 too many boyfriends ;)
 oh to be a kid again...
 workin those houses for some sugar

that's all folks.

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  1. ahh i love your blog, it's so cute! and i hope piper chooses chase as her boyfriend someday :)


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