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Friday, January 11, 2013

I am obviously not a professional marathon runner or anything close to that, but running is something I do love to do. It makes me happy and clears my mind. I go through phases sometimes where I crave a good run. It's therapeutic for me. I also love running towards a goal. It is harder for me to get out and motivated to run just because, than it is for me to get out and run because I am training for a race. Tomorrow I am running my third half and I think I am ready for it. {I hope I am ready for it!}
I've been thinking of what it is that helps me train for these races and this is my best list:
  • PLAYLIST. First and foremost, get a good playlist going on your ipod/iphone. I use Pandora or Spotify on my iphone and it is the best. I love that it switches up the songs and you never know what you're going to get:)
  • STRETCH. I am guilty in admitting that I am not the best stretcher, but it needs to be done! 
  • PLAN. Plan your routes ahead of time. I like to have a general route in my mind before I go for my run and if I decide to make it longer by adding in a few streets or if I want to cut it short, then that's the fun part and then I'll decide as I go. But have a general idea of where you want to run.
  • SEND A QUICK TEXT. This is the worrier in me coming out, but if you run by yourself, then tell someone that you are going for a run. I always text J before I start my run just to make sure he knows where I am and what I am doing. Just in case.
  • REST. Rest days are so important for you body to rest and recuperate. 
  • BE COMFY.  Figure out what you like to run in and what works best for you. I have a pair of running shorts that drive me absolutely insane when I am running and I cannot think of anything else while running. So be as comfortable as you can be. It will make your runs so much more enjoyable.
  • WEAR SUNSCREEN. I'm an esthetician, I have to say it...wear sunscreen! It takes 5 seconds to put on. Really. Or wear a hat. Just do it..don't be dumb.
  • KEEP TRACK. Find a good app that can track your mileage and routes. I use RunKeeper and love it. It keeps track of my distance, calories, average pace, etc. 
happy running!


  1. These are really great tips! I just started running recently and I'm trying to work up the courage to start training for a marathon, ha. Sending a text is SO important. Everyone thinks I'm nuts because I do run alone and every time I text at least three people to tell them exactly where I'll be running and I always text them as soon as I'm done to let them know I'm okay, as well.

    1. it is important! Always do it:) & you should totally sign up for a race..YOU can do it! Anyone can!!

  2. Annie I love your tips! I am not the best runner in the world but i know that it can help with the stresses of school and such! Thanks for the motivation lady :)

    1. any time! :) and hey, I'm definitely not the best runner in the world either. but i love it and that's what keeps me going..slowly, but surely ;)


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