We just can't help it...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Honestly, the weather around here has been perfection these last few days.
All I want to do is be outside all. day. long. 
It's January and we've been having days with temperatures in the mid-70's, low 80's. 
Kind of awesome.
Everyone else in the country is hating on us right about now and I admit, we are all going instagram crazy with this amazing weather and January beach days, but we just can't help it. 
It's happiness.
Growing up in southern California, this was just normal to me. I didn't know anything different. I didn't appreciate it until I left home and went to the land of Idaho..aka the arctic tundra of America. Ok, that's dramatic, but that's honestly how it feels when you're in the dead of winter with your nose hairs freezing and you slip and slide everywhere because all surfaces are frozen with ice. 
Over the weekend we spent as much time as possible outdoors. We enjoyed a bonfire at the beach, went on a hike, walked on the boardwalk (we meant to ride bikes but both our tires were flat and our pump wasn't working..boo), watched the sunset, and ate dinner outside. ps. if you are in the area you HAVE eat at Gjelina on Abbott Kinney in Venice. UNREAL. But call ahead and make reservations, that place was a zoo and a scene, but you better believe we will be back there. and soon!
(Toby McGuire was standing so close to me we were basically holding hands..)


  1. really we have it good here. :)

  2. Ahhhh...these are so fun to look at. We really do have it good here!


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