Two tunnels and Two lights...The Novel

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

So I am in the beginning weeks of my 2nd to last semester ever and the senioritis has hit. 
For those who don't know, I am finishing my degree online through BYU Idaho.
I spent two and a half years there on campus where I received my Associates degree, then I met Jason, moved to Provo, went to esthetics school, got my license in esthetics, Jason graduated from BYU, we got married, and then we moved to LA where he got a job. I had to sacrifice my schooling for love, but I wouldn't change a thing;) The first year or so of being married was hard for me because I had no idea what I was doing with my life and then I finally decided it was time to finish my undergraduate degree. Luckily, BYU Idaho has the most amazing online program offered that I can finish my schooling and not have to start from scratch! (I applied to Cal State Northridge and UCLA but I would have been a freshmen again because my credits wouldn't transfer and I was NOT about to do that.) I can't even tell you how much of a blessing this online program has been. It has be so tough, but perfect for me. I am majoring in Business Management with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship and I can't believe how much I have learned. Being in this degree, accounting and finance are obviously part of it...those words alone give me a headache. Sometimes I don't know what I was thinking choosing this major, but Jason pulled through for me and has been my private tutor every day and night. He is a real gem, that husband of mine. He deserves a million bucks once I'm done with school. 
JULY is the light at the end of the tunnel and I can't believe the end is so close!! I can't believe it.
Although being so close also makes it SO HARD for me to stay focused and motivated, but I can do it. Promise!
Sidenote: My mom told me awhile ago that for a graduation present, she would pay for our plane tickets to fly up to the campus so that I can walk in my graduation. Honestly you guys, I get a little emotional just thinking about it! Picturing myself in a cap and gown finally holding that diploma. Whew! I just never thought the day would come!! I can't wait.

Another light at the end of the tunnel is coming up for us too. I've said this in previous posts, but come the end of June, Jason will be done with his job and I will have a real life husband again! What!? No more eating dinner by myself every night? No more going to bed by myself? No more, "sorry we can't make it, Jason has to work" or "sorry, we have to leave early, he has a deadline he needs to make." I don't even know what it will be like! Bless his heart. Also for those who don't know, he is an analyst at an Investment Bank. It's pretty brutal and he's racking in 80-100 hours a week. How does he do it!? I am so impressed with him every single day how he wakes up every morning and is on his way with no complaints. Geez..I get moody about waking up for my bi-weekly 8 hour shifts and Anthropologie. HA! Although it's been a tough ride, we have seen the benefits of this opportunity and the blessings are starting to come because of all his hard work. We both can't believe this job is finally coming to an end. We thought we'd never make it! Honestly. 

It's been such a learning experience as a couple to go through these past 2 years where we have both been tested to our limits and giving all we got to help our family in the future. We have also been on the same time frame and the end of this chapter in our life is so close we can both taste the sweetness of it! Come June/July we are going to be really really really really happy people. 
We are both finally seeing our hard work paying off & I wouldn't want to go through this journey with anyone else.

Well there's a whole novel of my thoughts and feelings right now, but that's all I got to say! :)


  1. You can do it!! It will all be worth it!! I seriously never thought the day I graduated would come! If you end up coming to Rexburg, we've GOT to get together!! If it's just you and Jason that come up, we'll be your "family" and have a celebratory lunch or something! haha. If you're getting a hotel, get it now before they raise the prices for graduation! (or let me know if you need a place to stay;) ) Ok sorry for blabbing I am just SO excited for you guys!!

  2. so proud of you annie for having the motivation to finish an online degree! I don't know if I could do that! So excited for you to walk at your graduation! That will be the icing on the cake. Please come to San Clemente already and be our neighbors!

  3. Woohoo you guys got this! Just a few more months. And you two are already pretty happy people I can't wait to see what you will be like then. I imagine you two skipping everywhere you go.

    Love you guys! Party at the LeSueur's this summer?

  4. Love this and love you guys. I don't want June to come because I don't want to lose you being up the street.. Seriously, it's making me emotional as I type!! But, I can't wait for you to have a normal work life and if you move to SC make sure to get a 2 bed so we can come every month :)


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