Christmas Vacation thru iPhone pics

Sunday, January 1, 2012

(because it is the only camera I own)
Are the holidays already over? 
The Christmas blues are already kicking in..BUT I can't help but get a little giddy thinking about this new year and what lies in store for us in 2012. But I'll write more on this later.
Now for a recap of our time at home with our ready for a picture overload..
Christmas Eve we spent at the beach. We wanted to express our excitement, so naturally we did a jumping picture.

Jason's foot pop? Love it.
These Kimball men love a little competition
 I love these weird Whoville looking plants.
Christmas Jammies

Skyping with Elder Kimball
Six Flags with my fam! So fun :)
 We found out my sis Kate is pregnant with baby No. 2! 
we are SO excited for them!!
 Uncle Jason is my fav.
 Took some family pics with my side.
(more to come on this later too)
THANKS SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!! 
can't wait to put this baby to use.
Santa also gave us a Gift certificate for the works..Heaven.
 Pretty sunsets every night
Did some New Years Celebrating
 One of our favorite restaurants is called Thai Brothers.
Soo yummy. 
We went there last NYE & went again this year.
New Year's Eve tradition? Yes please.
I've had a cold ALL week, so we were struggling to stay awake till 12, but we did it.
Then went to bed at 12:01. Not regretting it one bit.

Jason's attempt to grow a beard..I'm obsessed with it.
Sad he has to shave it for work.
And lastly, we went to the spot where we made it official and got engaged exactly 2 years ago.
(Jan. 1, 2010)
This place will always be special to us.

Believe it or not after, after all these pics, I did not take enough.
I failed to capture some really good times, but those I will just have to remember.
Now onto 2012. 
So excited for new beginnings!!


  1. Love the pics. You're so hawt!!! P.s. is baby jannie coming soon? :)

  2. Now that you got your sewing machine! we need a craft night :)

  3. your hair is so long!! and gorgeous!! i miss you lady!


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