Life is Lovely

Friday, January 20, 2012

Life these days has been busy, yet enjoyable at the same time.
January has never been one of my favorite months, it's always cold and long.
But this year I have been pleasantly surprised.
We have been lucky enough to have 60-70 degree weather..some days even in the 80s, which has made this month much more bearable. 
A few (very random) snipets of life this month:
 Made this cute wreath, found here.
 My favorite 1 year old. I seriously die over this kid every day.
 Surfed with my sis.
 Magnification for lash Applications
 Went on a run in the neighborhood and was charmed by this pretty sidewalk.
 It feels like Spring to me, so I had to get myself some pretty flowers:)

January, you're not that bad. Just make sure your weather is this good every year.


  1. love that one of B! and you look cute in glasses too. very studious.

  2. January is the best month ever, what are you talking about? haha

    it is always warm in san clemente in january, december is the coldest.


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